MURDER, SHE VAPED is a new series featuring Silver Lake barista Judy Scoffs, the coolest girl in Los Angeles who has a sixth sense for when something’s not right or when someone’s being sexist online. Even though she’s super indie and fun, somehow death and crime follow her wherever she goes. Along with her sidekick/roommate Doll, Judy is unafraid to tackle even the most baffling mysteries.

In THE IRONIC T-SHIRT CAPER, a crime wave has hit Echo Park, as nostalgic shirts purchased from a local vintage shop vanish overnight from customers’ closets, replaced by ones with current references a grown adult might enjoy, like “True Crime Podcasts” and “In-Unit Washer/Dryer.” Judy and Doll dive into a world of shady clothing magnates, outlandish performance artists, and cynical bloggers to get to the bottom of this supernatural frenzy before everyone in town has to start defining themselves through something other than their clothing.